Yes. Marketeers need to delegate too!

This article by Jacquie McCarnan really resonated with me. Her breakdown of the players into 3 distinct groups was very insightful.

The part that I found most interesting was the fact that within the gambit of Social Media marketing there are lots of specialist jobs. Like any department within a company you’ll need specialists with a variety of skills, no one person should be doing this whole job alone – at least not for any protracted length of time!

Whether you outsource your social media management or keep it in house, remember that all aspects of your campaign need quality attention. If you’re going it alone, you can still be successful, but like Leo (BufferApp), I’d recommend focusing on only one Social Media channel.

Are you milking your enquiries ?

I was interested in buying a product on eBay but needed more information, so I sent a request to the seller. Within minutes of having sent it, he’d replied! In the next few minutes we exchanged a few notes and I bought it.

This is something that retailers have understood for a long time, but that we often forget about when online. The speed & quality of your response to an inquiry, make the difference between a new customer and a window shopper.

This Harvard Business Review article provides a really good overview as to how quickly companies are currently responding.

After putting all that effort into getting people to call you, remember to answer the phone and sell them something! Put a little effort into pre-preparing your responses so that you can respond faster, but don’t send out automated emails or responses that feel too much like a template.

(Don’t) Contact Me

For most businesses the key purpose of their website is to help drive sales. Yes it’ll have a variety of other purposes such as customer support, reviews, media information, etc. but the most important, overwhelming objective is to fill the sales funnel. Which is why it surprises me that many companies still don’t pay any attention to one of the most important pages on their website, the “Contact Me” page.

Web users are lazy, they don’t want to waste time wading through your website looking for a way to reach you. Your Feedback form simply isn’t enough, people need the satisfaction of actually having sent an email or called someone. If you’ve got a telephone number or email address please list it!

Depending on the nature of your business of course, you should have everything from
your telephone number, email, physical address, GPS co-ordinates, a (google) maps link, your twitter/facebook links, and if you’re lucky enough to have one, a live chat link. I’ve even seen a company that has a skype ID just for their reception! Just remember that the easier it is for your customer to reach you, the easier it is for you to generate leads.