1 good reason to use QR codes

There’s only one reason why you should be using QR codes, people are lazy. Thats right. Yours truly included.

I get lots of business card, emails, price lists, etc. So many that I have a seperate file and emal label for those where I still need to enter the persons contact details into my contact manager. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just scan all those cards in? Suck them right out of the emails (or whatever) and into my contact manager…

Imagine the number of customers, potential partners, etc. that could be adding your details at the moment they saw (and scanned) that code. Instead of getting suck wondering what your name was weeks later.

I’d suggest that where ever you have contact details, add a QR code BS card.

Who you gonna call?

At this rate, probably the GhostBusters.

It’s late. I need to send a proposal out tomorrow. The price sheet I’ve got doesn’t have the price of the equipment I need. There’s no contact information for the guy, or his company in the price-sheet. I’m not expecting an immediate response, it’s the middle of the night, but I can’t even send him an email (hoping he’ll deal with it early tomorrow morning). Worse, I’ve already wasted half an hour just looking for his details and trying to remember where I might have kept any of his contact details. Even if it did have the price, I still have no idea how I’d buy the stuff from him – I can’t reach him.

I’ve said it lots of times, and I’ll probably keep saying it till I’m blue in the face.
Put your contact details on everything you produce.

I can’t buy anything from you if I can’t find you.
Nor can any other prospective client.

Learning from local business

There’s a lot of marketing lessons that even big corporations can learn from successful local business. Take for instance our local pharmacist, there are 8 pharmacies on our high street, all within easy walking distance of each other. Which one do you shop from?

My wife is very clear, there’s only one pharmacy that goes the extra mile for her and they get all our business (diapers, shaving cream, asprin, everything). It’s not just her either, most of the couples we know use this particular pharmacy – what’s their secret?

Easy. The owner took the time to understand what his clients really needed. He over delivers on those few points and ignores everything else.

He worked out that his customers largely have infants or young children, they need small quantities of the same type of item frequently. They have alot of trouble coming out, and don’t have time to wait in a queue. Plus, he noticed the buying is predominantly done by the lady of the house.

In response he decided to do the following:

1. Over serving: For all the mums in the area, make home deliveries, irrespective of the size of the order.
2. Over serving: Always ensure that stocks of diapers & baby milk powder are available (even if all the other chemsits don’t have stock, he does)
3. Under serving: No discounting, no credit. Other chemists will do this, but he knows it’s not the deciding factor for his clients so he doesn’t take the trouble.

Presto, he has loyal fans. My wife won’t let me buy from anyone else.