Headache free Computing

 Almost every traditionally in-house IT service can now be handled via the could. There’s dozens of articles, technical papers and reviews on Cloud computing.  Most articles, including the one in the November 2011 issue of HBR, focus on a few key factors; cost & reliability.

Whilst these are certainly important factors, there’s something more fundamental about cloud computing that really appeals to me. It’s less headache.

Most small to midsize businesses typically have a very limited IT budget, but they also tend to have a shortage of good people, time and headache-capacity. You really shouldn’t be worrying about whether your email server is working properly, if it’s connected to your blackberry, what version of which licence you have, or how you’re going to cope when your current server-admin leaves.

Get on with your business and leave everything else to a company that can deal with it more effectively. Even if it costs you 200 dollars more, you’ll still make a saving in asprin & stomache salts. Personally, I’d like to see more cloud computer marketing of this sort:

Cloud. Headache free servers.