What your marketing team forgot on Fathers Day

Fathers DayEveryone knows that greeting card companies milk holidays,  and possibly even conspire to create events they can sell more cards through. The real question though, is did you make good use of it?

Ignoring the usual boring discount promos (“10% discount for dads/men”), there are lots of great ways to take advantage of events, festivals & made up days. The more creative you are with your ideas, the more fun, and better they’ll be. The folks at Marketing-Interactive published a few neat fathers day / holiday marketing ideas here.

Yes, it’s a bit late for father days, but there’s plenty more events coming up. So here are the three steps you’ll need:

  1. Get your diary out and start penciling in the ones that could be big for you.
  2. Have a drink, have some fun and come up with some crazy ideas
  3. Stop reading this & implement?

Sometimes we need to forget about all the numbers, analytics and  metrics – and have a little fun (it’s surprisingly effective). Besides, isn’t that why we became marketeers?