Impressive Technology

I recently walked into a meeting with carrying an Acer Iconia tablet, on which I loaded up a copy of a proposal and some designs we were discussing. The project designs aside, the client was impressed that I’d turned up with a tablet! One of the guys commented that as a technology company it’s what he would expect, and noted to one of his colleagues that meetings at some tech companies made you feel like you’d stepped into the future.

It was interesting to note what they were expecting to see in the meeting. Our clients have the expectation that we (as people) match/represent the high-tech nature of the solutions we provide. No different to a fashion designer turning up badly dressed to a meeting, or an interior designer having an unappealing office design.

This is a great example of why image is important, and what goes to completing that image!
Make sure you’re technologically dressed to suit 🙂