tools on a workbenchPhoto by Adonyi Gábor from Pexels

What's in your marketing toolkit?

Content marketing is laborious. It takes time and effort. Which is why having the right tools is so important. Here's a few that make my life a lot easier.
woman working on laptop at home on bed

Working from home & The Pandemic

With quarantines, border closures and stay-home orders being issued in multiple countries, what’s the deal with working from home? Is it just a temporary impact of the corona-virus? Or is this a trend that you need to be planning for?
Kameel teaching students

Re-Learning what you already know

Mentoring students was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had. Teaching students helped me learn new things, here's a few things I discovered.
ipod in pocketMikaela Shannon on Unsplash

Nobody remembers the specs

After spending hours obsessing over the details of your newest feature, will it get the attention it deserves? Was it designed with customer experience in mind? Or as an after thought?
sale tag on retail clothing shelf

Add value, not discounts

Every online or offline store seems to have a discount of some sort. Do you customers just want something cheap? Does your product have any perceived value?
recycle bin with leaves

Customers care about your sustainable efforts

Single use plastics are being heavily criticized, but do your customers really care? Is there an opportunity for your products to shine?
photoshop screenshot with painting of girls face

How fake is too fake?

We follow influencers because we enjoy seeing the beauty, fashion, drama or just to learn something. Even though, it's not quite as real as it may at first appear.
The thinker

Marketing, innovation and design thinking

Design thinking is an exciting creative process, with some interesting applications for marketing. It's a user centric, iterative design method with rapid prototyping. Let’s break that down...

The Leader you want to be

Everyone recognizes a bad leader, but what makes a truly good leader? Here's what I found whilst listening to four female leaders at a diversity event.
Woman punching air with hands tied for boxing gloves

A journey into bravery (and marketing)

Spikes Asia was packed with many examples of great marketing…
Trial by fire

Do your customers understand your marketing material?

Have you ever seen a promotional video or flyer and just flinched?…