Scheduling & Discipline

I’ve not managed a post in 4 weeks, which is really terrible. So I started writing about why scheduling your content really is a much more sensible way to things, than my current spur-of-the-moment-inspired-posts mechanism. That’s when I got Chris’s latest Kitchen Table newsletter and felt motivated, and a little envious… I’d like a few new toys myself 🙂

The fact is there’s an abundance of tools that allow you to schedule your social media content, so many in fact, that it’s getting hard to track. There’s plenty of tools for twitter and facebook (see here , here & here). WordPress & Blogger let you do this natively.

But Chris is right, more than tools and cool gadgets, you need to have the discipline to schedule your content. It’s genuinely worth building. Simply put, scheduling helps you achieve a few key things:

1. Continuity; regularity is important,. You’ve got readers because you’ve got content, make sure you keep your content fresh and keep your readers coming. It’s very hard to get them back if you lose them.
2. Quality; most readers come to you for your quality content, which usually improves when you’ve got a little extra time to work on your posts thanks to the one’s you’ve got pre-scheduled.
3. Structure; you can better orchestrate the overall direction and structure of your blog when you’re not working under pressure to write the next post (on anything even vaguely relevant).