There is no try, be a guest author

We all know that Yoda was right, “There is no try, only do”. I’ve been thinking about, and enjoying, the idea of getting one of my articles/posts published in a print magazine. It’s something that I’ve thought about alot, but never really made any attempt to do. Quite randomly I got an email, on a completely unrelated topic from the editor of a well-know travel magazine. Without thinking, I wrote back and asked her if I could guest author an article for any of their upcoming issues.

I was stunned by her two line response that followed almost instantly. I’ve got to send in drafts (obviously) for her team to review, but she’s happy at the idea of having contributors.

What does that mean for marketing/SEO/etc.? Simply put, if you want great links and free (indirect) publicity, take the idea of guest blogging a step further and ask to be a guest author for relevant magazines. You’ll have to put in more work & you may get shot down, but who knows, they may say yes! It’s not high school – the benefit is worth all the fear of rejection. So stop thinking, stop trying, close your eyes and just do.