Things I've Learned

Things I’ve Learned

At the start of the month I decided to start keeping notes of all the little lessons I learn whenever something happens. It’s been interesting to revisit the list and has acted as an prompt for me to more critically analyse whats going on, and how we’re performing. Some of the “things I’ve learned” seem a little obvious, but it’s surprising how often we forget them. Here’s my list for month:

  1. Most paid online “Societies” are no better than the free ones
  2. Seeing is believing – a good product demo’s go a long way
  3. Listen before speaking. Ask questions before making statements.
  4. Sitting next to someone is not the same as doing something with them. Don’t waste time.
  5. Mental peace is an important part of everyone’s daily routine.
  6. Protect your reputation, exit early when you can’t win
  7. Keep pricing simple and easy to understand, with as few variables as possibles
  8. Making your stakeholder look good, makes you look good