An example of great content marketing by Hamleys

This is an excellent example of content marketing. Pun intended. Hamleys knows precisely what it clients enjoy, and is happy to give it away for free.

Stories being told to children at Hamleys

They keep the kids entertained, buy some incredible good will, and all but guarantee some repeat sales.  After all, what child can sit in a toy store listening to stories for an hour without buying anything?

It wouldn’t surprise me if every parent that got this was planing a trip. I know I am.

Offline ‘content’  marketing is just as powerful, if not more so, than its online counter part. If you know your audience well, developing content that gets attention will be easy.

Yes, it will require you to invest upfront and there is some risk. But hopefully cases like this will help you convince your stakeholders that investing in content is worth its weight in gold.