Recruiting for successful marketing

Irrespective of how great your product is, or how digital you’re going to be, every company needs good marketeers. That’s why there are now dozens of agencies, consultants and hordes of CVs on recruitment sites to select from. The really good folks are usually unaffordable (at least we hope thats why they’re so expensive),

There is however a wealth of talent that’s remained untapped, the part-time professional. There are lots of people with personal situations that prevent full-time work, but whom are far more competent & hard working than their colleagues. Easy examples include the many women that forego/limit their careers when planning a family. I personally know many girls that would like to work, but can’t because the office timings don’t suit.

It’s a great opportunity for companies (esp. start-ups) to recruit some incredible talent – whose biggest requirement is flexible/limited working hours. These are people you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford, and whose skills could be of huge value to you.