Staying relevant

Lurk Pipe

Lurk Pipe (Photo credit: prawnpie)

With so much content being produced, writing meaningful relevant content has never been so important. You need to be deserving to be noticed let alone sung-about by your crowd. There are a few ways to stay on-top, the most important of which is the age of old trick of lurking.

Tip #1 – Lurk quietly & listen to your audience. They’ll tell you what they want, and you can cater to them. Knowing you audience, has always been important. Every one talks about it. Very few people actually have the patience to do it, and it does take patience. AaronLee does a good job of illustrating this fact.

Tip #2 – Use the technology Luke. There are some great tools that’ll keep you on-top of everything. Crunching all those RSS feeds into something more useful. Tools like Zemanta are great too. Just remember that you readers are looking for your own personal flavour. Not a regurgitated photocopy of something else.

Have fun writing.

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